Azucena-Aguilar-Latin-AmericaWhen I was a girl I remember playing Monopoly with my family. Normally we used to play at night and we needed candles to give us light to see. I always remember I wanted to pass through Oceania, and see the Kangaroos. I could never imagine then Australia would become my host country and temporary home.

My family and friends have been my inspiration in many aspects of my life. They are one of my reasons I’ve made it to study in Australia. They showed me if you want to achieve something, you must be persistent and never give up.

My grandparents are a great example of that. They were poor yet they did everything they could to provide an education for their five daughters. My grandma, Carmelita, when I call her by Skype, says, “Study is the most important thing in life because no one can take it from you and you can always use your education to support yourself”. My grandpa used to say, “People that read and travel are the richest in knowledge”. I believe them.

When I was in Mexico, I worked in journalism and communications with companies like News Paper Reforma, Editorial Televisa and Martha Debayle’s bbmundo. It wasn’t easy to get a job there but I followed the advice of my family and friends: do your best and never give up.

After a while, I realized I really enjoyed writing articles for children and parents. So I decided that it was time to get a higher qualification relevant to children’s education.

After research, I chose Australia because it is a multicultural country and has excellent educational standards. And Box Hill Institute provided the course and qualification I was looking for.

Being far way from home hasn’t always been easy. I’ve had to deal with the loss of my grandpa (who I thought of as my second father) and one of my aunts.

I wanted to come back to Mexico at that time, but my grandma and parents told me, “Keep doing your best in Australia. Your grandpa and aunt would be proud of you”.

So here I am with my husband and my little girl following my dream, working hard, and doing my best.