Bachelor of Hospitality Management


Emmely Chan has been Box Hill Institute’s International Student of the Year and she has served as the Institute’s Malaysian Ambassador for the International Ambassador program. With achievements like this, Emmely is obviously on her way to an outstanding career.

She said, “I used to think that I was not academically intelligent, but I was wrong. Anyone can achieve their dreams and exceed their own expectations as long as they want it enough. I hope to encourage and inspire other students to do well by being an example.”

Studying a Bachelor of Hospitality Management, Emmely finishes her course this year. She said, “I enjoy serving others professionally. Being in this industry, I feel happy to provide assistance to my guests. Their happiness makes me happy.”

Emmely is currently working in a five-star hotel in the spa and hopes to continue to develop her skills within the industry, aiming to become a spa director in a five-star spa and wellness centre and to run her own business.

Emmely has enjoyed her experience studying at Box Hill Institute. She says it gave her an opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds, and to learn and explore various cultures and their hospitality industries.

She said, “I really enjoyed the small classes because I learn better that way. My lecturers were passionate about teaching and so I was blessed to have them. They really do care about our well-being and whenever I had an issue about something, they always offered assistance and guidance.

“Our campus is in the city, which made things so convenient. There are more options for food and we have an extra library, the Melbourne City Library. There are more places to study and during my lunch break, I get coffee or I explore some new cafes or restaurants nearby,” she said.

Emmely advises other students that, “It’s normal if you’re not sure what to study. What matters most is that you’re passionate about what you study and as long as you want to do well, you will work for it. There’s no shortcut to success.

“My main message to prospective international students who are interested in gaining an education in Australia is to remember their purpose here as students is their education, and to discover more about themselves as well as experience all that Australia has to offer,” she said.

Finally, Emmely said she would like to thank her family who has always been there to support her, and Box Hill Institute staff, Farinoush Farhadieh, Melanie Dare and John Ferrito who “put in so much effort to make my time here as student enjoyable and productive”.

She adds, “I am so blessed to have my friends support me too, especially in-group assignments, which we did really well on. Thank you very much! I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.”