Bachelor of Hospitality Management


I am from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. I came to Australia in 2009 and started to study the five-week ELICOS course at Box Hill Institute. Then, I moved on to study the Diploma of Hospitality Management (Patisserie). Currently, I am studying Bachelor of Hospitality Management. My time studying in Australia and at Box Hill Institute has been very interesting and the experience of a life time.

Going to study abroad right after finishing high school was a very big thing for both me and my family. Traditionally, Vietnamese families tend to worry and care so much for their children. Moreover, since I am the only child and only grandchild, my trip was nearly cancelled at some points due to the over-protection. “I want to escape from being so spoiled and want to see what is out there,” I said that to my family and finally they let me go.

I’ve experienced so much in Australia during these four years and I am happy that Australia is the right choice. The three main reasons that I think people should come to the country to study are:
the safe and multicultural environment, the quality of education, and the chance to develop yourself.

At first starting the course was very hard because the living and education environments here are completely different from my country. And again, I am glad that Box Hill Institute is where I chose to be because the class size are not too big and all of the teachers know each student by their name and story so that I can talk freely to them whenever i need advice. Now studying is not as tough anymore and it has become something that i am enjoying so much.

I often call home and use social media to share my experience with my family. With today’s technology we can talk face to face, and the 6694 km distance is not really that far anymore. Now, my family is very happy and proud about my achievements so far. They say that after coming here I have learnt to take good care of myself, start working and get great results from my studying. Since they have seen their daughter grow so much, now if people ask my family whether it is okay to let their kids go to Australia, the answer would be “Do not hesitate”. And for me, it would be “grab every chance that comes, go, see and experience”.