Bachelor of Music Performance


Hi, I’m Jason. I’ve been studying and playing music for 13 years, and have been to lots of different countries, but I’ve chosen to stay in Melbourne to study music. Melbourne has a diverse arts culture. People can join in and enjoy lots of different arts in many ways. I am a trumpet player and I used to be a busker playing my trumpet on the street. When I first started busking it was just to earn some money, but then I gradually began to realise that I just loved to play and see the smiles on people’s faces as they listen.

The other thing I like about Melbourne is that there are a lot of festivals, such as the International Jazz Festival, ANZAC Day and even a ‘Zombie’ Day, which is full of people laughing on the street. Every year that I’ve been here I’ve played in the ANZAC Day March – which stands for the ‘Australian and New Zealand Army Corps’. At the beginning I did it just to join in with people in their festival but I gradually realised it wasn’t really a festival but it is about remembering those that have passed away at war and to celebrate life as it is now. It is a beautiful thing in Australia.

Music is a part of my life – if human life is a tree, then music is the water and Australia is the fresh soil I need. In the future after a few years of experience in my music studies I plan to use what I’ve learnt to carry forward Chinese music culture to the world.