Diploma of Hospitality Management (Specialising in Commercial Cookery)


Studying a Diploma of Hospitality Management (Specialising in Commercial Cookery) seems like an obvious choice for Quyen Trinh. He said, “I’m a big eater. I love to taste different food and more importantly, I do have a strong passion for cooking.”

Quyen obtained a Box Hill Institute and Know One Teach One (KOTO) scholarship to study his diploma in Box Hill. KOTO is a social enterprise that provides positive change to the lives of street and disadvantaged Vietnamese youth.

Quyen said, “Box Hill Institute has the best practical and interactive classes. I enjoyed the practical classes the most because we all had chances to practice, cook, bake, taste and feel.

“The teachers were great. They helped me a lot in study. They were friendly, respectful and very knowledgeable, especially my favourite teacher, Chef Daman Shrivastav, who treated me so well and inspired me. If not for him, I wouldn’t be a successful student who achieved all the school, state and national awards.”

In addition to winning a silver medal at the Australian National Apprentice competition, Quyen has won the Best Apprentice in Victoria, Best Culinary Student in Victoria, and a Silver Medal Award at Victorian State final. He was also nominated as one of Box Hill Institute’s Student of the Year awards.

Quyen is passionate about opening his own restaurant and hopes to do so within the next five years. He returned to Vietnam earlier this year and in April he became the Head Chef at KOTO Catering, a position that is responsible for assembling and overseeing the overall food and execution of the business. He said, “It is a big job with huge challenges but I love what I do.“

Like many Box Hill Institute students, Quyen believes it is important for people to believe in themselves and to follow their passions in life, which will lead to success and fulfilment. He said, “Box Hill Institute is a great place for domestic and international students to study due to its quality of training, small class sizes and range of diverse courses. And most importantly, its courses are globally recognized.

“I can never thank enough the wonderful opportunity that Box Hill and KOTO have given to me in. I would love to say thank you so much to my beloved chef and teacher Daman Shrivastav , Rachel Medew and Box Hill staff for their great support and to thank them for all these memories.”