Bachelor of Commerce


It’s always been my dream to visit and explore Australia and now I’m so pleased to be studying here.

Through high school and in preparation for university, my goal was the accounting field.

I went to university in Iran and I started to study accounting in 2007. I finished my Associate Degree of Accounting in 2009 and started to work as an accountant for a money exchange company.

2010 was the year that I was getting close to achieve my dream of going to Australia. The support of my family helped me to keep believing in the dream. Everything just seemed to be going on the right track for me.

In 2011 I applied to study accounting at Box Hill Institute. I got my application approved by the institute in one month. I was amazed how quick it happened! Getting my visa from the Australian Embassy in Tehran took a lot more time and effort but finally my visa was approved in 2012.

At last, I could say I was a real international student in one of the best higher education institutes in Victoria, Australia.

I will always be thankful for my family’s support, the research they did on Box Hill Institute and their financial support for my major. As well as that, I’m so grateful for Box Hill’s support, the way they responded to my never ending enquiries.

I like to say, ‘No fears no tears, think about your vision and follow your mission’.

It’s never too late to follow the path in your heart. If you truly desire something there is always a way to reach it.