Bachelor of Biotechnology and Innovation

​I am currently a student at Box Hill Institute doing my final year in the Bachelor of Biotechnology and Innovation.

I was fortunate enough to obtain an excellent higher secondary education at my school level by studying in one of the best schools in our area under the guidance of brilliant teachers. Being a science student I was keen to develop my knowledge and curiosity. Science has been my passion since my earliest days. My stream of studies during Year 11 and Year 12 was mainly science combined with Mathematics and English. I was also initiated to foreign languages such as French and German.

After high school, I was motivated by my parents and teachers to continue my higher education studies in Australia. Thus I arrived in Melbourne in June 2009 and completed two years of the Diploma in Laboratory Technology/Biotechnology at Box Hill Institute. The mode of education and learning at Box Hill Institute was affordable and absolutely a new experience for me which made me fully satisfied. Therefore I decided to carry on my further higher education studies at Box Hill Institute. So I commenced my Bachelors in Biotechnology and Innovation in the 2011.

In the future I would like to conduct research in the field of Biotechnology. I would also like to follow my Bachelor Degree, with a Masters Degree, and then a PhD — this is how I envision my academic progress. My ultimate aim in life is to find a career in the scientific field as a scientist.