There are many types of accommodation options available to international students. You may look for the accommodation that suits your needs and budget. Different types of accommodation may include:



Local families provide accommodation in their homes. This may be ‘full board homestay’ in which the householder provides all meals or ‘part board homestay’ in which the student provides and prepares his/her own meals using facilities in the home.

In homestays, you have a bedroom with linen provided, a place to study (which may be in the bedroom) and access to a bathroom, kitchen and other facilities in the home.

Each homestay family is different. There may be an entire family living in the home, a couple or a single person. Households may be all male or all female. Many Australian households include a pet. Some householders will not accept smokers; others will accept smoking outdoors only.

In all homestay accommodation, it is expected that:

  • students pay for their own telephone calls
  • students are responsible for keeping their room clean and treating all facilities in the home with care.

Costs will vary depending on your chosen type of accommodation



There are private, off-campus hostels which students use. They offer short-term or long-term accommodation. Private and shared rooms are available.

For assistance on accommodation, you may contact our Student Life Team upon arrival in Melbourne for more information.