This applies to students who have received an offer or an electronic confirmation of offer (eCoE) but who have not formerly enrolled at the Institute. Students can apply to defer commencement of their course for up to one year. Deferment will be subject to places available and may also affect their visa if a visa has been granted.


Leave of absence

Leave of absence will only be approved in compassionate or compelling circumstances. Documentary evidence (for example, a medical certificate) must be provided for applications to the Centre for International Student Services for leave of absence to be considered.

The maximum period for which leave of absence will be granted is six months. If leave of absence is granted, students are generally required to leave Australia. Box Hill Institute will notify the Department of Immigration and Border Protection that leave of absence has been granted.

Leave of absence may affect a student’s visa and each student’s situation will be assessed individually. Students are advised to contact the the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for advice on how the change to enrol status may impact upon his or her visa.


Suspension or cancellation

The Institute may suspend or cancel a student’s enrolment because of inappropriate behaviour or misconduct. A student will be notified in writing that their enrolment has been suspended and that this may affect their student visa.

In cases where suspension or cancellation is initiated by the Institute, students will be notified in writing of their right to appeal the decision within 20 days and to access the Institute’s internal complaints and appeals processes.

The cancellation will not take effect until after the appeals process has been completed unless there are extenuating circumstances.