Cosmetic Institute of Australia

Our courses are practical and involve hands-on learning. All of these courses are delivered in conjunction with Cosmetic Institute of Australia at our Elgar Road campus.

These courses are for qualified professionals only and successful completion will provide you with a competitive edge.


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  • Basic Skin Sciences – learn basic cosmetic dermatology and its terminology as well as common pigmentary disorders and how to conduct a skin consultation including skin analysis in practice. This module sets the foundation upon which the other cosmetic courses are based on.
  • Skin Care, Peels and Microneedling – focus is on effective skin care using evidence-based ingredients for face creams, peels, LED and the enhancement using micro needling technique. Course participants will get the opportunity during practical session to practice these on live models.
  • Neurotoxin (Anti-wrinkle injections) – learn about the facial anatomy and the science behind how these anti-wrinkle injections work, including how to choose your patients effectively and to inject the right product for the right presentation. Complications are taught to ensure safety is practised when injecting. Learn to inject the upper face on live models.
  • Dermal Fillers – focuses on the use of dermal fillers to fill cheeks and lips. Opportunity to inject on live models.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy – learn the science behind this increasingly popular evidence-based technique of using one’s own blood to treat certain skin conditions including poor hair growth. During the practical session, course participants will be taught on how to obtain a sample and how to inject it on live models.
  • Cosmetic Threads – Level 1 – the ‘thread lift’ is a very new effective procedure that has taken the industry by storm – this course aims to teach one how to do basic thread lifts on live models 
  • Advanced Cosmetic Threads – Level 2 – this course is aimed at doctors and dentists who wish to do more complicated thread lifts using both mono- and long-threads. 
  • Laser Safety – this course teaches the basics of using laser/IPL machines and their indications but more importantly, focuses on the safety aspects of using these machines
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) – learn how to use the IPL machine and its various treatment options including hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, removal of basic skin pigmentation and vascular problems. Practical sessions will include opportunity to use the machine on live models
  • Pigment and Tattoo Laser Removal – using a laser machine, learn how to effectively remove tattoos and skin pigments with practice session on live models 
  • Laser Hair Reduction – learn how to choose the correct laser machine to achieve safe and effective hair reduction and get a chance to enhance your skills through practical session


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