1,000 opportunities to save $1,000s on retraining

One thousand new scholarships have been made available for study this year at Box Hill Institute and the CAE – providing the opportunity for students to save thousands of dollars on course fees.

The scholarships will assist people who want to retrain, boost their skills, get back into the workforce and improve their career prospects, but would have difficulty affording a full fee.

These scholarships will provide a fee reduction equivalent to the current government subsidy. Without the scholarship, students would need to pay full fees if they have already received subsidies to do a course of the same or a higher level.

Box Hill Institute CEO Norman Gray said the new training scholarships recognise that many people need to change careers and require new skills and training to do so.

“These scholarships mean that if you have previously been to TAFE or University and got a certificate, diploma or degree, you’ll now be able to come back to study and reskill in a new course at Box Hill Institute or CAE – and not have to pay full fees,” Mr Gray said.

“In the past it might have been the norm to do some training after school, then enter the workforce and stay in the same career for your whole working life. But now there’s some research that suggests that young Australians will be employed in 17 different jobs across five careers over their lifetimes.

Every day we’re getting interest from people who have studied in one area, but part way through their careers, they realise a trade or a completely different career would better suit them. These scholarships will enable many people to retrain where they wouldn’t previously have been able to afford to.”

Scholarships will be available over across Box Hill Institute and CAE campuses including the new Lilydale Lakeside Campus.

Priority will be given to those students who have completed a course and have been unable to find employment within their field of study, have completed a course but wish to retrain, are returning to study after a period of unemployment or absence from work (such as redundancy or parental leave), or wish to complete training in order to become a vocational teacher.

The scholarships are funded by the Victorian Government and will provide substantially reduced course costs. VET Fee help means you may also be able to study now and pay later. The fee reduction means you will pay the same amount for the course as the government-subsidised rate.

Call us on 1300 BOX HILL or visit Vocational Training Scholarships page for more information on scholarship application.