7 Signs You Need a Career Change

Do you love your job?

During our working lives we spend roughly 90,000 hours at work. If you’re not happy in your job or career that’s a very long slog.

It used to be normal to stay in the same job for your whole working life or at least to work in the same industry your whole career. But those days are long gone. Young people today will have up to five separate careers during their working lives.  So rather than slogging out an unsuitable job or career, maybe it’s time to ask yourself “is it time for a change?”

Ticked Box 1VTAC scholarshipTick tock… you’re bored silly

All jobs have some tasks that are more annoying or boring than others, but if you’re finding all day every day completely boring and you can’t see any interesting tasks or projects coming up either in your current job or career, it’s a pretty sure sign you need a change. To stay interesting a job needs to challenge you so you can continue to learn. If you’re watching the clock (or Facebook) constantly at work and you’re there just for the money, it’s probably time.

Ticked Box 1Flat line…Your motivation has bottomed out

Do you find it difficult to get the energy to get your job done?  Are tasks that used to be easy becoming harder and harder? Motivation ebbs and wanes for all of us (post-holiday blues anyone?!) but you shouldn’t be struggling to do everyday tasks all of the time. Time to do something that you are driven to do well.

Ticked Box 1Urgh….Your heart sinks when you think about work

It’s true that many of us would rather not work as much as we do. But hating and dreading your job every day is a sign you need to find somewhere more satisfying to work. Do you wake up anxious about the idea of going to work, have nightmares about your work or feel panicky regularly at work?  Make a change.

Ticked Box 1Bitter taste in the mouth…You used to be passionate but now you’re disillusioned

Think about why you chose this job or line of work. Do you still connect with the passion or motivation that drove you to work in that area originally? If you no longer believe in that driver or you think you’ve contributed all that you can and you’re becoming bitter, perhaps it’s time to move on and find a job that puts a bit of fire back in your belly.

Ticked Box 1Wrong fit… You’re just not suited for your line of work

Not really a people-person? Perhaps working in customer service isn’t the best option for you. You might more enjoy a career working behind the scenes, on your own or perhaps working with animals instead. Sometimes you just need to follow your gut instinct and do what suits you.

Ticked Box 1Dead end… You can see the writing on the wall

We live in a changing world. Some roles and even whole industries are seeing less demand for their services because of technology, global changes and what the community wants. If you’re struggling to get enough work in your field or can see that you’re working in an industry with limited potential, maybe you should get ready for your next career now.

Ticked Box 1Be happy…You just think you’d be happier doing something else

Being happy in your work is not to be underrated. If you’ve always dreamt about working with your hands or working in a creative role, maybe it’s time to listen to your heart and do something you love. One study released last year found some interesting results. Florists and gardeners were nearly twice as happy as people in more prestigious and better paid jobs. It also found hairdressers, beauticians and plumbers were amongst the happiest professions.

How to Start Again?

If you’re showing signs of needing a career change, Box Hill Institute careers counsellor Eileen Nichols says you need to bridge the skills gap you may face. She has this advice for anyone thinking about a career change:

  • Spend time thinking about what your next career will be, think about what you value and what your strengths are.
  • Speak to a career development advisor (try the Career Development Association of Australia) to help choose your new direction – they are experts in helping people find satisfying careers
  • Research whether you need additional training, education, or certifications.
  • Make every effort to speak to people currently working in that field – even if you need to cold call them, people are usually happy to share their experiences and insights. You can also find people in an industry or career through their professional organisation or union.
  • Find opportunities to volunteer, intern or get experience in your desired industry while you’re still studying – it’ll be great for your resume and show future employers that you’re serious about working in your chosen field.
  • Get going. Lots of training and courses can be undertaken part-time or off-campus and most TAFEs and Universities are still accepting direct applications for 2016. We offer courses in a huge range of areas, including Animal Studies, Hairdressing & Beauty, Trades, IT, Community & Children’s Services, Floristry, Music and Health & Fitness. Find a course that suits you.

Box Hill Institute and CAE are currently offering 1,000 scholarships to help people wanting to retrain to get back into the workforce after a break or to make a career change. Scholarships are available for study in the Melbourne city, Lilydale or Box Hill. More information on how to apply for your scholarships.