Advanced Welder Training Centre Opens

An advanced welder training centre (AWTC) equipped with the latest augmented reality simulators and REALWELD Advanced Trainer was opened at Box Hill Institute’s Elgar campus today by Minister for Training and Skills, Gayle Tierney.

The AWTC was developed in collaboration with Weld Australia, which represents Australian welding professionals. It will be used to deliver accredited courses for trade qualified and transitionary workers through a combination of theory and augmented reality, followed by hands on practical fusion welding. 

Box Hill Institute’s Acting CEO, Jennifer Oliver said, “Practical activities will allow students to use best practice technology and quality systems in a hands on environment. They will be able to practice without the risks associated with real welders, while reducing waste materials and gaining the skills needed to progress to real welding machines.”




The AWTC will help address an Australian shortage of qualified and skilled welders, and will provide Victoria with an advantage in the competition for skilled welders, positively influencing the distribution of work packages.

The delivery of a course in fusion welding to ISO 9606 for experienced welders and for transition workers will support tunnelling, road and rail infrastructure, rolling stock, and advanced manufacturing occupations.

It will be a great resource for young people wanting to enter the construction industry, people looking to reskill or upskill, and it will deliver benefits to organisations undertaking work through major projects.

Box Hill Institute will produce a database of skilled welders, particularly for Victoria’s defence industry, and identify skill gaps to allow for the development of targeted training programs.

The practical nature of the centre will enable participants to gain the skills they need to be work ready.