Alumni Profile: Beatrice Hennessy

Beapic_300When considering the different pathways from high school, Beatrice wasn’t concerned with the amount of time it would take to complete her nursing studies. She wanted the option to work and study part time and chose an alternate pathway to VCE by studying at TAFE.

Before Beatrice committed to her nursing studies, she sought some work experience in a hospital to gain an insight to the extensive range of nursing roles. Whilst looking online for jobs at her local hospital she found the role ‘Patient Services Assistant’ and to qualify she required the Certificate III in Health Services Assistance, which was available at Box Hill Institute. The course was a perfect fit for her, with six months study, six months working and then she could start a Diploma of Nursing.

Beatrice’s course ran for the first semester of 2017. She studied for two days and worked 15 hours at a fresh poultry shop each week. During the course, she found the theory components to be interesting although the practical lab days were her favourites.

In June 2017, Beatrice was ready to start her clinical placement at the Austin Hospital. This placement created opportunities and she was offered two positions in August. As per her plan, Beatrice worked as a Patient Services Assistant through the hospital bank (i.e. a pool of temporary workers available to meet the fluctuating staffing needs) where she experienced many different wards. She said, “Being a bank PSA allowed me to see how the nurse’s role can vary.”

In 2018, Beatrice started her nursing studies at Australian Catholic University. She was offered a permanent position at the Austin Hospital in August in the Paediatric and Adolescent ward. She said, “I am still working in this ward on the days that I am not studying and really enjoy it.”

When asked about her highlight studying the Certificate III in Health Services Assistance, Beatrice said, “At the end of my course I was given the Outstanding Student Award prize presented by Eastern Health and that is hard to beat. The money I received went towards my textbooks, uniform and nurses kit and I am truly thankful for this.”