Box Hill Institute & POWERVAULT Partner on Education and Training

Box Hill Institute has partnered with POWERVAULT to deliver training at their Australian and international training institutes.

The partnership between Box Hill Institute and POWERVAULT (SE Asia Pacific) will create collaboration between one of Australia’s foremost technical training institutes and Australia’s most innovative and rapidly growing renewable energy group of companies.

The partnership involves:

  • POWERVAULT will build training institutes located at or near the new energy generators.
  • Box Hill Institute will manage POWERVAULT’s training institutes, with trainees to be drawn from the local population.
  • The course graduate will become qualified and certified by Box Hill Institute in the installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems and equipment.
  • The development of demonstration facilities to educate visitors and locals alike to improve the knowledge of how important a role renewable and sustainable energy plays within our fragile environment.

Box Hill Institute will educate and empower local individuals to take on key positions of managers, trainers and administrators.

“Box Hill Institute is committed to working towards renewable energy solutions,” Box Hill Institute CEO Norman Gray said. “For example, we’re working to ensure our new Lilydale campus is designed to reduce emissions and our Industry Training Hub in Box Hill has been built to achieve a 5-star Green Star rating.”

“Our partnership with POWERVAULT is an important step in securing a sustainable future and offers employment and learning opportunities for those communities where POWERVAULT is working,” Mr Gray said. “Knowledge transfer is at the heart of this core activity.”

Director and Co-Founder of POWERVAULT Dan Flynn said POWERVAULT will be building training institutes near their new energy facilities and drawing trainees from the local population.

“By having an educational partner with the international reputation and prestige of Box Hill Institute, we have a great vision for the coming years and the graduates of our initiatives have a bright future ahead of them.”

“Graduates will be qualified and certified by Box Hill Institute in the installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems and equipment,” Mr Flynn said.

Jeremy Jagodzki, Director and Co-Founder of POWERVAULT said renewable energy is the way to move forward globally as seen with the targets agreed to in the Paris Climate Summit.

“With such a shortage of skilled, competent and willing people to become part of the renewable energy workforce, the bright ideas of today, can only be brought through to fruition by building strategic partnerships such as this one with Box Hill Institute, Mr Jagodzki said.

“Box Hill Institute’s experience in similar transnational projects has made it an outstanding partner for POWERVAULT.  From work in the Gulf States to the Pacific, Box Hill has proved its capacity building credentials in major projects for 25 years.”

POWERVAULT and Box Hill Institute plan to explore further opportunities, such as applied research into renewable energy systems, qualification and certification of local companies that can employ trainees, mentoring for young entrepreneurs and businesses through business incubators and Small and Medium Enterprise support.



POWERVAULT  is a privately owned renewable energy company based in Canberra, ACT, with its headquarters located in the Nishi Building, currently one of the only 7 star energy efficient rated buildings in Australia.

POWERVAULT specialises in the design and construction of commercial utility scale solar, wind, and biogas farms and a strong background in viable energy storage technologies. They also tackle the energy issues faced by small to medium sized businesses within Australia.

POWERVAULT has recently seen an enormous increase in opportunities and business not only within Australia, also in the South-East Asia region including Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and Fiji.