Box Hill Institute & Soar Aviation Deal Delivers Jobs

In a first for TAFE students around Australia, Box Hill Institute and Soar Advanced Flight Training (SAFT), a Soar Aviation sister company, have entered into an employment pathway agreement with Katherine Aviation and AAA Charters in the Northern Territory.


Box Hill Institute CEO, Norman Gray said, “The expected outcome of the agreement is the employment of 25 qualified pilots each year, which will help address the territory’s critical pilot shortage. It will also provide graduate employment outcomes for students of the Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplane).


“It’s a big deal for our students and for aviation in general. This employment pathway relationship is the first of its kind for an Australian TAFE,” he said.


Box Hill Institute and SAFT are leading the way in reforming the role of an education institute by providing quality training with a more holistic focus on employment pathways in line with the vocational and educational training (VET) student loan scheme.


SAFT CEO, Neel Khokhani said, “Due to our flexible flying arrangements and part-time study options, our course is the preferred choice for people working full-time who want to achieve their dream of becoming a pilot. This opportunity offers our graduates a secure, direct pathway to their first aviation job with Katherine Airlines and AAA Charters.


“Typically, it would take 2-3 years for a graduate to reach the level offered by this partnership, so we’re providing an accelerated option to becoming an airline pilot. We’re also supplying the wider aviation industry with highly qualified pilots and promoting growth in regional areas.


“As top industry analysts have already determined a global shortage of over half a million pilots by 2034, this partnership will incentivise more prospective pilots into joining the profession and support their transition into an aviation career.”


Norman said, “The Katherine Aviation and AAA Charter opportunity is great for the career changers, and this merit-based scheme will improve our student success rate by exposing them to real employment opportunities and the potential to reach their aviation goals in a shorter timeframe.”


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