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Brittany Scores Place in Epworth Eastern Program


Each year at Box Hill Institute, a number of outstanding Diploma of Nursing students are selected for a graduate program with one of our long term partners, Epworth Eastern. The Box Hill Epworth Eastern (BHEE) fellowship program consolidates a student's knowledge, improves their clinical skills and increases their confidence levels.

Brittany Wing-Tang is one of five selected students who will take part in the Epworth graduate program after completing her Diploma of Nursing. She said, "I find the BHEE program to be an excellent way to integrate into the acute setting with support from both educators and buddy nurses. It's also amazing to see the real sense of teamwork between not only the nurses and other members of the medical profession, but also the cleaning and kitchen staff."

Having already completed a six week placement with Epworth Eastern, Brittany has an idea of what to expect during the fellowship program. She is looking forward to working alongside a team that's dedicated to their work. She said, "Many of [the staff] not only encouraged, taught and provided me with opportunities to learn, but they've also pushed me to achieve more than I expected from myself."

Brittany says she enjoys knowing that her values emulate Epworth's, especially those of excellence, accountability and compassion. She will spend two six month rotations where she will work in different wards, which will allow her to gain a variety of experiences and will help her narrow down the areas she wishes to specialise in. She said, "My first rotation will be on Ward 5 North, which is for general surgery and specialises in colorectal, urology and gynaecological cases."

Brittany believes the Diploma of Nursing course at Box Hill Institute has adequately prepared her for the upcoming program. She said, "I believe the course established a good foundation of nursing and has equipped me with the skills to continue to learn and adapt in the clinical setting."

After completing the fellowship program, Brittany hopes to continue working at Epworth to help cultivate and expand her clinical skills before furthering her education by completing a Bachelor of Nursing.