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Commonwealth Supported Places Support Cyber Sleuths


Box Hill Institute is offering a Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security as a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP), which means students pay no fees. The course teaches students much sought after cyber security skills, with potential careers as cyber security specialists, security analysts and network engineers. It equips students with the knowledge of and skills to implement cyber security standards, technologies, systems and networks in different industry settings.

One of students of the course, Neil Sayers, lives in NSW and said, “I have done a lot of distance uni study and the Box Hill Institute experience is my favourite. It facilitates a good environment for collaboration. I think this may be partly due to the smallish cohort and the fact that we all share the same classes.”

Neil was impressed by the teachers’ knowledge of the course material and admired their ability to help those students who needed additional support. He has recommended the course to his colleagues for the November 2020 intake.

Another student, Daisy Wong, said, “I have really enjoyed the Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security offered by Box Hill Institute. It has really broadened my knowledge in the field and will help me in my career.

“I am particularly appreciative of the course being offered online and classes start at a reasonable 5pm. This significantly helps as I have a physical disability and require the assistance of leg braces and crutches for mobility.

“The CSP places has provided the opportunity for me to upskill during these challenging times with COVID-19 and I hope more spots will be offered to allow other people to have the same opportunity,” she said.