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Early Childhood VETDSS Class Takes Care


2020 has been a year of change in so many ways. While the world has been overtaken by a pandemic, the positive nature in our people, students and teachers continues to shine through. Whether it’s the incredible work they are doing by the continued investment of our students or our students going above and beyond to reach their goals.

Our Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (partial completion) VETDSS class has been kicking goals. At the beginning of the year, Course Coordinator of Early Childhood Education and Care, Janine Johnston, reset the expectations of the class with the schools. By presenting the class in a realistic way, it’s been well received by schools, which has been reflected by the number of students that have enrolled in the class.

Early Childhood Education and Care teacher, Dani Maher, taught the Year 1 Elgar VETDSS class and during a recent assessment, students had to participate in a practical demonstration. Students has to demonstrate the correct way of holding and wrapping babies, and preparing them for safe sleep. Each student completed the task as a 1:1 demonstration under the guidance of a teacher. Every student participated and improvised with materials to complete the tasks, including one who borrowed a port-a-cot to complete the demonstration!

“It’s just uplifting as a teacher,” said Dani. “Even though the students are from different schools, they’ve really come together to create a supportive and encouraging environment for each other,”

We asked the students what they enjoyed and inspired them about Early Childhood Education and Care.

I have always loved children and knew that I wanted to work with them in the future. So regarding my placement, I made a list of all the Early Childhood centres that were in my area, I wrote a script to help me remember all the things I needed to say on the phone until I was successful. The advice I would give to others going on placement is to be organised with your tasks, be helpful (take initiative), but most importantly have fun and enjoy the experience. I would definitely recommend this class to other VETDSS students that are interested in working with children!


My niece inspired me to do Early Childhood Education because I enjoy playing activities together that has created a special bond between us. Placement was a great experience, it allowed [me] to really see what an educator does every day, and to see it’s not easy at all trying to help over 15 children in one room. I really enjoyed placement again allowing me to experience what it’s like to be an educator in early childhood, the advice I would give to others going into placement is no question is wrong.


I definitely would recommend this class to other VETDSS students, the teachers, students and the course itself is very enjoyable. I would inform the students that the work assessments develop their knowledge and assess their understanding during the lesson and are able to be completed within a reasonable set time frame. I found that my teachers want to see their students’ progress, are supportive and approachable if you were to have any questions. I absolutely love this class and I would suggest to all students who have the desire for children to participate in this course.

What inspired me to take the Early Childhood Education and Care class was my love and passion for children and taking care of them. I love hands on classes that teach practical skills along with educating myself on health and safety of the children, which is exactly what is included in this class. I also love the friendships I have built with my fellow students and the practically of each theory work task. I would 100% recommend this class to fellow VETDSS students, who have a passion for the health and safety of children and looking after children in a childcare setting, even if they do not end up following through into a childcare career the content of the class is a great source of knowledge to have.


What inspired me to take Early Childhood classes was to be able to have a future where I can grow and connect with children. I want the children to be inspired and learn, and the children inspire me in ways as well. What I enjoyed the most while we were at Box Hill Institute was doing the activities. Not only were they fun, but it helped me learn. The classes are so worth the time and help you through so many things, like work tasks and placements.