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Five Reasons to Consider Becoming a Vocational Trainer

10 March 2020

Pay It Forward
Vocational trainers have an opportunity to teach trainees and apprenticeships, however all students will benefit from the industry expertise you can bring to the classroom. You can teach in more than one program area, using the vocational skills gained from different stages of your career.

Work Life Balance
Vocational trainers teach classes during the school term. During the school holidays, you can enjoy quality time with your family.

Professional Development
Large registered training providers offer valuable, relevant and regular professional development opportunities to their trainers, thereby aiding your career progression.

Network and Collaborate with Industry Experts
Trainers have the opportunity to attend industry consultations, seminars and workshops where they will meet a range of experts in their areas of expertise. You could be working with potential mentors in your field or become a subject matter expert yourself.

Overseas Teaching
Many training providers have offshore campuses and opportunities to teach groups of students abroad are regularly advertised.