Jamie Tran Van Kha – Sweet Dreams

Jamie Tran Van KhaJamie Tran Van Kha has embraced the philosophy of Vietnam’s KOTO – Know One, Teach One, where he obtained his Certificate II in Kitchen Operation. He obtained a scholarship from KOTO and completed a Certificate III in Patisserie with Box Hill Institute in 2016. He is now studying a Certificate IV in Patisserie and a Diploma of Hospitality Management. When he’s finished his course, he plans to use his passion for pastry to teach disadvantaged children and help create a bright future for them.

Jamie is a big fan of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and admires his dedication to teaching disadvantaged kids in London how to cook. He aspires to become a professional pastry chef and to one day open his own business. He said, “Coming to Australia to study is a big dream for people and I feel lucky that I can come here to study and work. It’s a big opportunity for me.”

“I love studying at Box Hill as there are small classes and many different cultures but we are all learning together and helping one another. Our teacher is a professional chef and he has experience that he shares with us to help us become a good team,” he said.

Jamie’s favourite course activities are making presentation cakes and, surprisingly, cleaning the classroom after class although he does confess that it is because he and his classmates seem to be laughing together all the time.

Jamie said, “Box Hill institute is a large school with full facilities, many international students, many campuses and it is easy to connect to the city and other places around Melbourne. I am proud that Box Hill Institute has partnered KOTO to sponsor disadvantaged children and help them train for a job. Thanks to KOTO founder, Jimmy Pham and Box Hill institute, I can stand on my own two feet and support my family and other people.”

For other students, Jamie advises, “If you have a dream to manage your life and have a flexible future, I can recommend that you study cookery and hospitality management.”