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Machine Learning Techniques for 5G and Beyond


Box Hill Institute Associate Lecturer and ICT teacher, Jasneet Kaur, is studying a Doctor of Philosophy in artificial intelligence. She recently got her research project and article, Machine Learning Techniques for 5G and Beyond, accepted and published.

Jasneet’s research focuses on how artificial intelligence, with machine learning, can affect future wireless communication and help improve system efficiency. She said, "I am working on a channel characterisation in 5G and beyond for smart applications."

With a love of innovation, its impact on our lives and the move towards a smart world, Jasneet believes artificial intelligence, machine learning and 5G are the future of our world. She said, they have significantly affected the world and we are moving towards the development of smart cities.

The motivation for this line of study began with COVID-19, which required people to separate and highlighted the importance of communication. She said, "I want to explore the area of wireless communication and improve the efficiency of the current communication systems by performing channel characterisations and developing ML algorithms or techniques to improve this current system."

The inspiration for Jasneet’s study are her father, her husband and her three-year old daughter. She said both they and Box Hill Institute have been very supportive of her extremely busy lifestyle. She always aims to complete all her Box Hill Institute work duties between office hours so that she can focus on her studies out of hours.

To read Jasneet’s article, visit  https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9321326.