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Passive House Students Excel


In 2019, Box Hill Institute had the largest number of students studying Passive House courses that it has ever had and the students achieved the best results ever on their exams.

Overall in 2019, we trained 34 internationally accredited Passive House tradespeople and 42 internationally accredited Passive House designers/consultants.

Passive House buildings are designed according to their intended usage and location, and they are based on a set of design principles used to maximise energy efficiency. They are increasingly popular in Australia and abroad.

Buildings have highly insulated exterior walls, and the roof and floor slab hold the desired temperature. Energy savings are up to 90% compared with other typical buildings, and heating and ventilation are optimised.

Box Hill Institute first introduced Passive House training to Australia in 2014. Before then, only a few people had achieved their Passive House qualifications by studying overseas. We remained the only training provider in Australia until 2018 when Smart Plus Homes also started delivering the course, in Perth and then Sydney.

Congratulations to our highly qualified Passive House trainers, Burkhard Hansen (tradesperson) and Daniel Kress (designer/consultant).