Planning a career

9,000 kilometers is quite a long way. Would you travel that far to study in another language?
Luise Kling Hansen did, and thinks the benefits to her education far outweighed any hardships.

Luise travelled from Denmark to Melbourne to study Building Design (Architectural) at Box Hill Institute. Initially trained as a painter, she made the journey after speaking to other Danish exchange students who’d been to Melbourne and recommended Box Hill.

“I always had a dream of coming to Australia, and when I had the opportunity to do it as a part of my education it wasn’t hard to decide. By taking a semester on exchange I thought I would also add something extra to my education. I can now add to my resume that I have been studying in English for 1 year. My written English has improved a lot because obviously I’ve had to do my assignments and presentations in English,” she says.

Luise is studying Architectural Technology and Construction Management in Denmark, and following her year in Australia, will finish her degree in Denmark.

“The teachers at Box Hill are excellent and I really enjoyed the opportunity to hear presentations from professionals currently working in the industry in Melbourne. I felt welcome from the beginning and received help from both the teachers and my fellow students. I’ve learned two new programs that have improved my presentation techniques, and I’ve also learned about new building products that I can hopefully use when I get back to Denmark.”

While it’s been tough, Luise says there are also major advantages.

“Learning on the other side of the world away from family, friends and my support network has made me more independent and forced me to make decisions on my own.

“When I get home, I’d like to get work in a drafting office. In the future I’d like to be a project manager. That could still be in a drafting office or on a building site. I chose this field to study because it opens up a lot of opportunities and I can work in different areas,” she says.

Imagine travelling 9,000 kilometers and studying a subject in Danish. Exchange students should be commended for stepping outside of their comfort zones, and embracing the challenge of studying abroad. Box Hill Institute is privileged to have students like Luise study with us.

For Luise, her education is all going according to plan.