Student Profile: Belinda Hoole

Belinda Hoole

Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design


Completing an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design has been a rewarding challenge for Belinda, a mum with two young kids. During her time at Box Hill Institute, Belinda was recognised with the Outstanding Student Award 2017 in Graphic Design and Outstanding Application of Digital Technology Award.


Belinda made the choice to study at Box Hill Institute Lilydale Lakeside due to its location and convenience. She said, “I found the course through a family member and I was convinced to study there whilst having my interview with design coordinator, Darren Smith.


“Studying at Box Hill Institute was one of the most amazing things I have ever done. With two young kids, I have to show them how much hard work really does pay off,” she said.


With the support of her teachers, during the course, Belinda was able to combine her love of design with her other passions. She said, “I was able to expand my photography skills as the graphic design teachers also had this experience. The amazing teachers are so skilled and so in touch with their students. They introduced me to industry people and gave me opportunities with well-known businesses throughout Melbourne. I was surprised to learn so much about the industry and the different opportunities that are out there for designers.”


Belinda showcased her work as part of the end of year graduate exhibition, learning from her teachers how to avoid making the same mistakes they made when they first started out. During the exhibition, industry experts awarded Belinda with the Outstanding Application of Digital Technology Award for the most original and innovative use and application of digital technology.


Belinda hopes to start her own studio and agency and she is thankful to the teachers who have supported her. She said, “I’m excited and so grateful to all the teachers and coordinators in the graphic design department. I loved every little second and I want to especially say thank you to Debbie, Stan and Darren for their amazing industry experience and the knowledge they passed onto me. Most of all, I want to say thank you to Connie for spending hours of time bringing my design world to life.”


Belinda encouraged others to come and study design at Box Hill Institute. She said, “It was a life changing experience for me and I owe it to all the amazing teachers that guided me through each day.”


Belinda advises future students to make the most of their time whilst studying and to gain as much industry work as possible.