Studying Abroad: Samantha Cardwell

Samantha Cardwell – Certificate IV Companion Animal Studies

Samantha Cardwell is studying a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Studies at Box Hill Institute and her passion for animals is clearly evident as she talks about taking part in a study tour to the United Kingdom. She said, “The study tour was the perfect way to learn about the animal industry in England and discover how it differs from Australia.”

Samantha appreciated the opportunity to learn how veterinary clinics operate in the UK and visited a number of different clinics, referral centres, the zoo, and a vocational education provider similar to Box Hill Institute. She said although she had been overseas before, “On a standard holiday, you won’t be visiting multiple veterinary clinics and you’d miss out on learning insider information at The National Stud.

“I enjoyed the activities we got to do here and there whilst travelling to and from our next industry visits, and the experiences I enjoyed most were the ones relating to history, such as seeing the Tower of London and visiting the Stonehenge.

“My favourite experience was getting to know a vastly different group of people, making new friends along the way, and sharing these new experiences together. It was a fantastic way to travel around and learn about the animal industry overseas,” she said.

One of the highlights of the tour for Samantha was visiting the Wolf Conservation Trust. She said, “We had the opportunity to watch the handlers feed the animals which allowed us to learn so much about their behaviours and their enrichment.”

Samantha encourages other students to take part in the Animal Sciences Study Tour. She said, “The tour was fantastic and just as I expected. It is very important to work hard in your studies, be committed, participate in class, and give it a go.”

In the future, Samantha aspires to work overseas with England as her destination of choice.