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Using Experience to Educate the Next Generation


Box Hill Institute's Hair and Make Up trainer and assessor, Jenny Takahashi, has used the COVID-19 Stage 4 restrictions to develop her skill set while working from home. She said, "Covid-19 is challenging for everyone, but I am always up for the challenge and an opportunity to learn and develop myself."  

This pandemic has allowed Jenny to venture into and master the world of online learning. She said, the most challenging part of her role is the most exciting as there are always new ways to deliver, assess, interpret, and develop the students and the content.

Jenny has been teaching hair and make up for 27 years in a range of organisations including Victoria University, Chisholm, the National Academy of Beauty, and Beauty EDU as their curriculum coordinator. She also worked for Laser Clinics Australia for three years, managing, training, and developing the business and staff.

She enjoys the challenge of teaching because there is always something new to learn, and each time she delivers the information, Jenny tries to improve from her previous delivery. She said, “I love the students and especially a ‘battler’. I love when they succeed. I also enjoy the development of the curriculum and writing resources. I have a thing for a useful mapping document.”

Jenny loves to educate the next generation of beauty therapists and encourages them to immerse themselves in the profession. She said, “There are so many diverse opportunities available to them. It is so exciting to have been a part of their journey and get to make some positive connections.”

To keep up to date with her industry, Jenny is involved with associations and online groups that discuss the latest developments and she attends professional development events for education and beauty.