Yes – the Box Hill Institute Financial Hardship Scholarship, Rotary Club of Mont Albert & Surrey Hills, Rotary Club of Camberwell Bert Stevens and Lions Club of Vermont scholarships are designed for this purpose.  Visit the scholarship page to see if you meet the criteria for these awards.

Applications for scholarships open at different times of the year. Please check the scholarship details.

Start gathering your supporting documents and then apply once the application forms are open for applications.

Awards are for the stated year only and cannot be deferred.

Yes! This can increase your chances of winning an award and, as different awards are based on different criteria, you may be more suited to one award than another.

Eligibility differs for the awards.  Generally you should be a full time student, meet all course entry requirements, and if you are a continuing student you must have successfully completed your prior studies at the Institute.  You have to be remaining full time for at least the first six months of your course.  However there are variations and specific requirements for some awards, so check the website for scholarship confirmation.

Financial and personal hardship can be determined through a Centrelink or Healthcare card.


You will be notified of the outcome either way, within approximately four weeks of the closing date of applications. Unsuccessful applicants are notified by mail and successful recipients are notified by mail and by phone.

We have specific scholarships for international students. Check the eligibility criteria on the scholarships page.


We have several industry and community sponsored awards.  The sponsors generally form their own criteria including eligibility.


Scholarships and awards are awarded once the student has enrolled in their course therefore you must be selected and enrolled to be eligible to apply.  Contact the International Student Office for assistance with any enrolment queries.

Some awards are based on need (financial hardship category), some are based on academic performance and some are based on a combination.

Depending on the award, recipients are chosen either by the sponsor or by an Institute selection panel. Some awards may require a brief interview to finalise the winner.  Assessment differs for the awards and can include academic merit, low income/educational or financial disadvantage, class participation, demonstrated commitment to the field or a combination of these factors.  The more information and supporting documentation you provide, the easier it is to assess.

Past grades are taken into account but success generally does not depend on past academic achievement.  The panel looks at several factors combined to select a recipient, as detailed above.  Access and equity scholarships in particular do not rely on grades.

Yes! We encourage you to apply again if you still meet the criteria, as there is always a chance you could be successful.


Awards are for enrolment / material fees and are paid as a direct reduction from your course fees or as a reimbursement of fees if you have recently paid for your studies.


Scholarships and awards are not included as income for social security or Centrelink purposes because no liability has been charged to the student and no amount has been received as valuable consideration by the student.  They are not classified as income under the income tests as they are provided towards tuition fees.  This includes payment such as Youth Allowance, Austudy, ABSTUDY, veteran affairs’ pensions and allowances.

Contact the Scholarship Coordinator on 1300 BOX HILL or email