Are you interested in returning to study, up-skilling or changing your career? Have you used your government funding entitlements and not received the outcome you expected? We are now offering up to 800 Vocational Training Scholarships for individuals who previously did not qualify for Skills First funding.

In the past, government funding for vocational courses was not available to those who had previously trained at the same or higher level.  For a limited time, eligible TAFE students can access government funding for courses they were previously ineligible for, via a scholarship program offered by Box Hill Institute.

Funded by the Victorian Government, Box Hill Institute Training Scholarships will enable students to obtain a substantial fee reduction equivalent to the current government subsidy when studying a qualification at a lower level than they already hold. The scholarships are aimed at people who want to re-skill, re-enter the workforce and reignite their career prospects.

There are 800 scholarship places across four categories:

  1. Career Change Training Scholarship
  2. Career Progression Training Scholarship
  3. Vocational Teaching Training Scholarship
  4. Return To Work Training Scholarship

Simply apply for an accredited further education course at Box Hill Institute and we’ll confirm whether you are eligible right away.

Limited places are available so contact us today!


Anyone seeking to retrain or upskill who was not previously eligible for Skills First funding is eligible. Priority will be given to those students who:

  • Have completed a course and have been unable to find employment within their field of study, or
  • Have completed a course and wish to retrain, or
  • Are returning to study after a period of unemployment or absence from Work (e.g. redundancy, parental leave), or
  • Wish to complete training in order to become a vocational teacher.

Vocational Training Scholarships are funded by the Victorian Government and administered by Box Hill Institute.

No, the scholarship will provide a substantial reduction to the cost of your course, however you’ll still be required to pay reduced course fees, and the cost of all course materials (e.g. books and equipment).The fee reduction means you will pay the same amount for the course as the government-subsidised rate.

Simply apply for an accredited further education course at Box Hill Institute. During the application process, you will be asked to outline your reasons for studying. We will use this response to assess your eligibility for the scholarship. We will advise you the results before confirming your enrolment.