Biosecurity Centre of Excellence_Research
The Biosecurity Centre of Excellence will deliver industry-led research on how we respond to, and recover from, pests and diseases that threaten Australia’s food, agriculture, and animal health industries, and addresses Australia’s unique environmental-biosecurity needs.

The Lilydale Lakeside campus is uniquely situated in the heart of the Yarra Valley berry, fruit and winegrowing region with over 10,000 Ha of crops and is home to many small to medium sized pig and poultry businesses and a growing equine sector. The Lilydale Lakeside campus is also close to some of Australia’s most accessible temperate rain-forests, State and National Parks and Melbourne’s major water catchments areas.

The research undertaken at the Biosecurity Centre of Excellence will seek to protect these systems though better understand of the key risks facing industry and, to help address the challenges of protecting our water supplies and environment from the pressures of human’s impact.

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