Box Hill Institute_Nursing Centre of Excellence_Our Mission

Provide and promote quality driven, evidence-based simulation education to facilitate excellence in clinical practice and performance, teaching and research.

Provide health care disciplines with simulation-based education programs that promote patient-centred care and the goal of improving patient safety.

Operate within a business plan and culture that is customer-focused, encourages initiative, operational efficiency and effectiveness, and seeks opportunities to expand the service.

The NSCE offer opportunities for:

  • Individually tailored education solutions. We welcome enquiries and discussions about opportunities for collaboration around tailored simulation education, funding tenders and research.
  • Collaborative education opportunities. Collaborating with organisations can often lead to students and health care professionals having access to simulated learning. This learning experience enhances the skills of practicing health care professionals to help improve the overall quality of patient care.
  • Customised and Commercial Partnerships. In addition to our ongoing programs, we are continuously working closely with public sector partners and commercial enterprises to design and deliver customised training to meet specific needs. With our partners, we can develop and run educational events or study days for pharmaceutical companies, public and private hospitals and other organisations. We can also deliver off-campus simulation education so that you or your employees can learn in their own working environments.