Cyber security is more than technology. Most small and medium size businesses simply do not have sufficient resources to effectively deal with their cyber security risks.

During our August seminar series we’ll share specialist opinions and discuss successful security solutions that allow minimizing the computer security risk.

As cyber-attacks change, enterprise defences must evolve.

The risks and the impact of cloud computing will be looked from small business point of view, in terms of both business and technical security challenges and their effect on business and technical governance and policy.



02/08/2016 – Cyber Security Outsourcing – Your Liability

The decision to outsource your data to the cloud is a significant one for SME’s. There are significant issues to resolve and clarify. If your data is compromised who is responsible? In this seminar will address some of the issues around this and offer suggestions as to mitigate likely issues.

Roger Ward (SecureKloud). Has over 10 years’ experience in IT security and is currently working on Security Risk for ICT project infrastructure.


09/08/2016 – Responding to Cyber Incidents for an SME

Security threats and intrusions are more sophisticated. Your SME Cyber Security protection infrastructure needs to be robust and adaptable. What do you do if/when a cyber-security breech occurs?

This seminar will identify sound processes and procedures in order to restore your ICT infrastructure upon a cyber-security breech.

Kevin Manden (Principal Security Officer BAE Systems). Kevin has had significant experience developing sound systems to mitigate security intrusions.


16/08/2016 – Cyber Health Check – The pro’s and con’s of Cyber Security Insurance

On the surface the purchase of Cyber Security Insurance is a sound business decision, however what as an SME does this cover you for? This seminar will examine the pro’s and con’s of current Cyber security Insurance policies.

Malcolm Shore (BAE Systems & ASIA Education Lead). Malcolm is a respected Cyber Security Professional currently working as an advisor to both the Victorian and federal governments on Cyber security developments. Malcolm has significant experience and will bring this to this seminar.


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