Our partnerships give our students, staff and partners opportunities to:

  • share their knowledge
  • learn from others
  • help improve the quality and outcomes of their programs and our programs.



Box Hill Institute understands the importance of creating strong strategic partnerships and collaborations and has recently developed and strengthened several key strategic alliances.



CAE LOGOIn 2011, Box Hill Institute and CAE entered into a strong partnership that means we now offer a more comprehensive range of courses.

CAE has over 60 years of experience in delivering accredited courses designed to help adults complete their secondary education and begin or change their career. They also have a wide-ranging selection of short courses.



These partnerships mean that we are able to offer our students more options if they are considering courses at any of the following universities:

See our Pathways to University


Global Education Network

Box Hill Institute has an international alliance with the Global Education Network comprising:

  • Institute of Technical Education (Singapore)
  • Kirkwood Community College (USA)
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (Canada)

Post-Secondary International Network

The Post Secondary International Network (PIN) is an alliance of post secondary institutions dedicated to the continuance of international education and understanding through a sharing of experience.

The network is comprised of the following Australian and European institutes:

  • South West TAFE (Victoria)
  • Challenger TAFE (Western Australia)
  • Adam Smith College (Scotland)
  • Silkeborg Technical School (Denmark)
  • Alfa College (Netherlands)

Together, we deliver a course that is first of its kind in Australia: The Vocational Certificate in Working Globally. This certificate equips our students to work in management positions across global environments, from cross country projects with global partners or clients, to managing a culturally diverse work team.

Delivering Vocational Education and Training overseas

Through partnerships with international educational institutions, we provide education and training across the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East.

See our international campus partners.



Box Hill Institute works with many overseas clients to build their workforce capability, including clients from Singapore, Malaysia, Colombia, Macau, the Maldives, China and the United Arab Emirates.



Box Hill Institute partners with over 100 secondary colleges in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. These partnerships enable students to attend sessions at both their school and Box Hill Institute to complete the following programs:

We are also a member of the Whitehorse Pathways Alliance, an affiliation of Box Hill Institute and schools within and around the City of Whitehorse.


Local community partnerships

As part of our strong commitment to the Melbourne’s eastern region and our corporate citizenship agenda, we work on a range of education and training initiatives. These include partnership with local community-based organisations:

  • Manningham City
  • Whitehorse City
  • Local Rotary Clubs,
  • Not-for-profit organisations such as Scope and Harrison Community Services



Having strong relationships with our industry partners enables us to deliver training that provides students with the skills and knowledge that employers need. In response to industry input, we have developed and customised programs, so that their current and future employees complete relevant programs with up-to-date content.