Partnership - Box Hill Institute and Cloud Skills

According to Forrester, over 86% of businesses in Australia use the cloud in some capacity, and it is predicted that the Australian market for public cloud services will reach AU$2.6bn by 2017. The cloud offers businesses a model with greater potential, power and flexibility and is changing the way organisations respond to business requirements, in turn reshaping the nature of many jobs. This creates a strong platform for career growth in specialised Cloud focused jobs, such as security managers, service managers and cloud architects.

In response to this growing skills demand BoxHill has partnered with Cloud skills to offer a range of professional accredited vendor neutral Cloud Courses from the global organisation the Cloud Credential Council (CCC).

Box Hill Institute partners with Cloud Credential Council (CCC)



Cloud Skills and Box Hill Institute will offer the following CCC short courses:

Business Introduction to Cloud

The CCC Business Introduction to Cloud program covers knowledge and understanding of the main cloud computing principles and concepts. This course is designed for managers and professionals that need to understand the business potential of Cloud Computing and its underlying technology to be able to assess its impact into their companies and businesses. View course.

CCC Cloud Technical Associate

The Professional Cloud Technology Associate program covers the proper definitions of cloud computing and virtualization, and explains the benefits and applications. A lab activity is included which enables participants to understand the cloud in a practical manner. View course.

Cloud Service Manager

The Professional Cloud Service Manager program enables Senior Service Managers to design and deliver cloud services. This training provides a hands-on, practical approach to understanding how cloud impacts operational processes, and how to adapt these processes to deliver better services. View course.

Cloud Security Manager

This program will explore relevant concepts related to security, risk, and compliance within the cloud computing environment. This course enables the candidates to apply the underpinning security concepts into an enterprise cloud computing environment. View course.