Box Hill Institute (BHI) works in partnership with Disability Service Providers to deliver interactive and engaging programs for people with disabilities, so that they can enjoy being part of the community and prepare for work or further courses.

BHI has a number of experiential learning models that have been developed with our partners and are customised to the needs of participants. Whether learners require independent life skills, literacy and numeracy skills or skills to get ready for work, BHI will work with you to design a program that best meets your goals and promotes choice and control for individuals.

Training delivery is either face to face at the Disability Service Provider’s preferred location or at a BHI campus.

Interested? Please contact our Coordinator for Disability Service Providers, Jane Mahony on (03) 9286 9638 or via email.

Work Education

This interactive course equips individuals to build capacity for participating in employment and keeping their job. The purpose is to enhance self-belief and employment skills through activity-based learning so that participants can explore work options and education pathways to meet their employment goals. 


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Transition EDUCATION

This engaging course empowers individuals to build capacity in independent living skills such as traveling, relationships, and communication. The aim is to boost self-confidence so that the participant can actively get involved in the community and explore opportunities including volunteering, employment or further education.


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Pre-Accredited Courses

These flexible courses create pathways to further education or help individuals take a step toward employment. BHI works with Disability Service Providers to co-design meaningful programs that focus on the well-being, life and vocational goals of participants.

Courses include:

  • Digital Literacy
  • General Education
  • Positive Relationships
  • Performing Arts
  • Hospitality
  • Work Preparation


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Accredited vocational pathways

These courses help those who are looking for more specific vocational skills to reach their employment goals. 


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Adult, Community & Further Education (ACFE) pre-accredited courses are offered through funding support from the Victorian Government. Courses offered in partnership
with Disability Service Providers may vary.

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Box Hill Institute offers a wide range of courses of varying levels in many areas of community services. These courses are designed to meet the needs of a complex and carefully regulated industry. They provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to make a meaningful contribution in your chosen field and gain satisfaction from your work. These nationally-accredited qualifications are industry recognised and will make you NDIS ready.


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