Please contact the International Office for your enrolment.


Please bring the following with you to your Enrolment Night.

1. Letter of offer

2. Pen

3. Paper

4. Citizenship/residency evidence

If you are intending to commence in a government subsidised place in a course, you must bring one of the following (original or certified photocopy):

  • Green Medicare card
  • Australian Birth Certificate
  • Current Australian Passport
  • Current New Zealand Passport
  • Naturalisation certificate
  • Formal papers from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection confirming permanent residence

5. Age evidence 

If you are under 20, proof of age must also be presented where it is not already listed on your citizenship evidence (birth certificate, driver’s licence, KeyPass etc)

6. Unique Student Identifier (USI)

If you already have one (can apply online at If not one of the identity documents above or your Australian Driver’s Licence will enable Box Hill Institute to apply on your behalf. (it is mandatory to have a USI for study in all nationally recognized courses and units in 2015).

7. Results transcripts

For any prior studies you have undertaken, please bring your results transcripts. You may be entitled to some Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) via Credit Transfers or RPL Assessments.

8. Health Care Card / fee discount eligibility evidence

If you are enrolling in a TAFE Certificate I-IV level government subsidised course, and applying for a tuition fee concession you must have your Health Care Card or other evidence that will support your eligibility for the concession rate. You must bring both the original card, and a photocopy of the card, as the photocopy must be handed in with your enrolment form.

9. Fee payment

We accept cash, cheque, money order, EFTPOS or credit card (only Mastercard/Visa accepted). Some EFTPOS cards have a daily withdrawal limit. If you are planning to pay fees via EFTPOS, double check that you will not exceed the daily withdrawal limit before enrolment day. Payment of your initial enrolment, in a calendar year, must be made at the time of enrolment (excludes tuition fee payment where FEE-HELP or VET FEE-HELP fee loan applies or a Payment Plan is approved). Note: your place in the course is not confirmed until fees have been paid.

10. Bank account details

If you are intending to apply for a Payment Plan via Debit Success, you will also need to bring along your bank account or credit card details details. If you are using a bank or credit card account other than your own for the Payment plan, then the account owner must also sign the Payment Plan application in person, and so must also attend the enrolment session.

If you are under 18 you must have your parent/guardian with you to apply for a Payment Plan, as they will need to be a ‘guarantor’ for the payment plan.

11. Employer invoice/fee letter

If your employer is going to pay for your fees and prefers to be invoiced for these, please bring an authorisation letter from your employer confirming that they agree to pay for your fees, and requesting an invoice be sent to them.

12. VET FEE-HELP or FEE-HELP documentation

If you are enrolling in a diploma/advanced diploma level course and intend to apply for VET FEE-HELP, or, if you are enrolling in a bachelor degree/associate degree course and intend to apply for FEE-HELP you must bring (original or photocopy required):

  1. Passport or birth certificate or official extract of birth certificate or Australian citizenship/naturalisation certificate (Citizenship evidence for Australian Citizens)
  2. Your permanent humanitarian visa (Citizenship evidence for Permanent Humanitarian Visa Holders)
  3. Tax File Number or certificate of application for a tax file number.

13. Other course specific items

Anything else you have been specifically asked to bring along.