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Do you need to build your confidence in using English for home life or further study? At Box Hill Institute, we can help you with our variety of English programs.
To find the right program for you, please ask yourself the following:

Have you been in Australia for less than five years?

If 'yes', please see more information on AMEP
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Are you here on a student visa?

If 'yes', please see more information on ELICOS
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Are you a permanent resident who:

  • Has been here for 5 years or longer? or
  • Has completed their AMEP hours? or
  • Does not qualify for AMEP?
If 'yes' to any of the above, please see the EAL courses

English Language Skills

Adult Migrant English Program


The Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) is a free service funded by the Australian Government.  It supports the acquisition of English language skills for eligible adult migrants and humanitarian entrants. Through language tuition, the program seeks to advance social participation, economic wellbeing, independence, and personal wellbeing; all contributing to enabling the full participation of migrants in Australian life.

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English Language Skills


English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students

Our ELICOS program offers international students the opportunity to improve their academic English skills, before commencing certificate, diploma or degree level courses in Australia.

Study in 2022

Study in 2022

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Studying VCAL or VCE at Box Hill Institute is a proven successful pathway to apprenticeships, further study and employment, which gives you access to all the great facilities, teachers and extensive student support that we have to offer.

We offer hundreds of courses across a range of industries with qualifications starting from entry level and certificate, through to advanced diploma and degrees.

Our small class sizes, qualified teachers, practical learning, modern facilities and industry placement, ensures you gain the skills and knowledge demanded by employers.

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How we’re responding to Coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs

As we closely monitor the situation around coronavirus (COVID-19), you can view our FAQs to learn more about how Box Hill Institute is responding to any updates from relevant authorities. 
You can view our FAQs below for all general information, health advice questions and class information for students.

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What is a Certificate I in EAL (Access) (AMEP)?

A Certificate I in EAL (Access) (AMEP) is a course designed for new migrants who already have a basic understanding of English and need to improve their English speaking, listening and writing skills. The course will equip you with the skills to be able to ask and understand simple sentences and recognise and read basic words. 

How long is a Certificate I in EAL (Access) (AMEP)?

A Certificate I in EAL (Access) (AMEP) is completed in 6 months full time. 

How long does a Certificate II in EAL (Access) (AMEP) take?

A Certificate II in EAL (Access) (AMEP) is completed in 6 months full time.

What outcomes will a Certificate IV in EAL (Access) provide?

A Certificate IV in EAL (Access) will equip you with improved English skills and allow you to move seamlessly into future studies in a chosen stream. You will also learn about Australian culture and improve your chances of finding meaningful work.

What is the difference between a Certificate III in EAL (Access) and EAL (Access) (AMEP)?

AMEP is Australia's Migrant English Program. It is designed for new migrants who have been in Australia for less than 5 years and is a targeted language settlement program. When students finish their 510 AMEP hours, they often want to continue their English language studies and will continue into the non-AMEP EAL program. In these courses, there is less focus on settlement language and a lot more focus on vocational employment and academic pathway English.