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At Box Hill Institute, we believe that education isn’t just a product - it’s a life changing experience. 

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Flowers on Elgar

Develop your designs and learn hands on floristry skills in Box Hill Institute's very own floristry retail outlet. Flowers on Elgar partner with Interflora and deliver special orders for functions, weddings and special occasions. Learn how to make bunches, bouquets, and boxed arrangements and retail skills on how to run your own florist.

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How we’re responding to Coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs

As we closely monitor the situation around coronavirus (COVID-19), you can view our FAQs to learn more about how Box Hill Institute is responding to any updates from relevant authorities. 
You can view our FAQs below for all general information, health advice questions and class information for students.

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What qualifications do I need to be a florist?

A Certificate isn't required to become a florist however, it is ideal to have one and training so you are able to obtain a successful, flourishing career in floristry.

What is a Certificate II in Floristry (Assistant)

A Certificate II in Floristry (Assistant) is a course designed to equip you with the skills required to work in the floristry industry as an assistant to senior florists or to work as a retail assistant within a florist shop.

How do I learn to be a florist?

Our range of floristry courses at Box Hill Institute will provide you with the skills and knowledge to further your career in floristry.

Is floristry a good career?

Floristry is a beautiful career, its extremely inspiring as styles are forever changing. Who wouldn't want work with mother natures beautiful creations and be part of others wonderful memories?

What is the different between Certificate II in Floristry (Assistant) and Certificate II in Floristry?

Certificate II in Floristry (Assistant) is classed as a shop assistant roll, construction in basic floral designs and assisting senior florists.  Certificate III in Floristry is a senior floristry role, as well as customer service. 

What is a Certificate III in Floristry?

A Certificate III in Floristry is a course designed to enhance your creativity, skills and knowledge of floristry, preparing you for a career in the floristry industry.

How long does the Certificate III in Floristry course take?

The Certificate III in Floristry is completed in 1 year full time.