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With our unique focus on industry skills, our training is practical, career-oriented and tailored to your needs. We connect with prospective students and help them to harness their passion to advance their career or find a new job by connecting them with the skills to thrive in their desired workplace.

We offer hundreds of courses across a range of industries with qualifications starting from entry level and certificate, through to advanced diploma and degrees.

Our small class sizes, qualified teachers, practical learning, modern facilities and industry placement, ensures you gain the skills and knowledge demanded by employers.

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Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL)

Our VCAL courses offer an educational experience that includes applied work skills and industry-based learning as well as job relevant literacy and numeracy skills. VCAL courses are more focused, more integrated and more sustainable for students who do not necessarily need to complete a traditional VCE to gain immediate tertiary entry via the ATAR ranking.

VCAL, like VCE, is an accredited senior secondary school certificate that is recognised internationally as a successful completion of secondary education.

Choosing to undertake a VCAL course will help you to transition and pathway into further study at TAFE and/or employment, including apprenticeships and traineeships. Box Hill Institute has state-of-the-art facilities, experienced and passionate teachers, and a range of support services to guide you through your studies and prepare you for employment or higher level studies in your chosen career pathway.



iVCAL is an alternative to the traditional classroom delivery method of VCAL, and can be completed online. iVCAL allows you to study in your own home, local library or anywhere you have access to the internet and a computer or equivalent device. You can log in and complete your lessons day or night, anywhere in the world and you will have online support by teachers, pathways officers and counsellors. iVCAL will suit those who prefer to study in a non classroom environment and who need flexibility in their study pattern.

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Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE)

Centre for Adult Education

If you are looking for an alternative learning environment to traditional secondary school, want to learn as a mature age student, or want to improve your ATAR by taking an additional subject, then studying the VCE at the CAE (Centre for Adult Education) could be for you.

There are no school bells, uniforms, or supervision outside of class. We offer you flexibility where you can complete Units 1, 2, 3 and 4 - or study just one subject in arts, science, maths, business, law and social sciences. You’ll learn in a supportive, adult environment where you can choose to study classes that run in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Studying your VCE at the CAE gives you the opportunity to find a balance between study and life.

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Reconnect Program

Reconnect Program

Are you 17-64 and not currently enrolled in an accredited course? Have you not completed Year 12 or an equivalent qualification (Certificate II)? Have you been out of fulltime work more for than a year? We can help you.

  • The Reconnect Program can provide you with:
  • Individualised support
  • Pathway planning and goal setting
  • Direct access to pre-accredited and accredited training
  • Links to work experience opportunities

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How we’re responding to Coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs

As we closely monitor the situation around coronavirus (COVID-19), you can view our FAQs to learn more about how Box Hill Institute is responding to any updates from relevant authorities. 
You can view our FAQs below for all general information, health advice questions and class information for students.

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