Student Support Services

Student Support at Box Hill Institute

Box Hill Institute delivers free services and programs to help students succeed with their study and life goals and enjoy their time at Box Hill Institute and CAE. Services are accessible across all campuses and include counselling, welfare support, disability liaison and indigenous support.


Both personal and educational counselling are available for students enrolled at Box Hill Institute. Counselling is free of charge and available at all campuses. Counsellors work with students individually and offer group programs.
A counselling session will normally take fifty minutes and weekly appointments are often recommended.

Our counsellors are registered psychologists and social workers who have specific training and experience in personal and educational counselling.

Counselling is confidential except in situations where there is a significant risk of harm to you or others. Students can discuss privacy concerns with their counsellor.

Online counselling services are also available through eCounselling. Details are available on the Student Web.

Visit StudentWeb to find out more about Counselling

Welfare Support

We have a Welfare Officer that assists students who are having difficulty paying fees, experiencing problems at home, or are having accommodation issues.

Our Welfare Officer (Student Life) can source a range of information and services to help students through difficult times. More details on welfare support are available on StudentWeb.

Visit StudentWeb to find out more about Welfare Support

Student Wellbeing Officers

At Box Hill Institute you will have access to Student Wellbeing Officers who work with students to provide support, activities and programs to help you succeed in your course. Officers are located at each campus.

Contact Student Life on 1300 269 445


Skills and Jobs Centres

The Skills and Jobs Centres offer a range of services including careers advice, information on potential jobs and relevant training courses, areas of skills shortage or future growth, workshops to improve your job search skills, links with local employers, and referrals to other services including welfare assistance, financial guidance and disability support.

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Disability Liaison Service

We are committed to providing equal access to learning opportunities for students with a disability and offer a Disability Liaison Service (DLS) for advice and assistance.

If you need help with due to any of the following please get in touch:

  • physical disability
  • visual or hearing impairment
  • mental health condition
  • learning disability
  • intellectual disability
  • medical or neurological condition

Examples of services include:

  • liaison with teachers
  • alternative formatting of class materials
  • assessment accommodations
  • access to software and technology that enhances learning
  • learning support in or out of class
  • referral to other support services, e.g. counselling and welfare
  • Australian Sign Language (Auslan) interpreters

The DLS staff will create an individualised Learning Support Plan (LSP) and work with teachers and other support services to help students to complete their studies.

Email the DLS for more information

Indigenous Liaison Support

At Box Hill Institute we have a Koori Liaison Officer who is employed to support any issues that Indigenous students may face throughout the course of their studies.

Our Koori Liaison Officer can assist you with course information, pathways into employment or further education, liaison with staff, Abstudy/Centrelink questions and even tutoring.

Our Koori Liaison Officer is available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Contact Student Life on 1300 269 445

Reconnect Program

Reconnect Program

Are you 17-64 and not currently enrolled in an accredited course? Have you not completed Year 12 or an equivalent qualification (Certificate II)? Have you been out of fulltime work more for than a year? We can help you.

  • The Reconnect Program can provide you with:
  • Individualised support
  • Pathway planning and goal setting
  • Direct access to pre-accredited and accredited training
  • Links to work experience opportunities

Learn more about the Reconnect Program


BHI Employment Services

Disability Employment Services

Box Hill Institute delivers a government funded Disability Employment Services contract, which specialises in assisting people who are facing complex barriers to gaining employment, including physical, intellectual and/or mental health issues. We deliver a tailored program to enable you to gain and maintain sustainable ongoing employment.

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at Box Hill Institute

With a network of libraries across each campus, the library is there to support the learning needs of students and staff of the Institute. Visit the library to access our extensive collection of physical and online resources; receive professional advice and support from our qualified staff; find a place to study; or to meet your printing and copying needs.

Visit StudentWeb to learn more about the library

Prayer Rooms

There is a prayer room at each of these locations below. Students are welcome to use the room for prayer, mediation or quiet contemplation.

  • Elgar Campus, Building 4, Level 2, Room E4.261. The room is open.
  • Nelson Campus N1.G18. Entrance is via swipe access and a pass can be obtained by contacting Student Life.
  • CAE Building at 253 Flinders Lane, Level 2, Room B510. This room is open and can be locked to indicate that it is in use.
  • Lilydale campus LB.129. Entrance is via swipe access and a pass can be obtained from reception.

Parent Support

Breastfeeding Mothers

If you are a breastfeeding mother or need to express milk during your time on campus, there is a room allocated at Elgar Campus for this purpose.

Similar facilities are available at our Nelson, CAE and Lilydale campuses. Please contact Student Life on 1300 269 445 for further information.

Language, Literacy and Numercy Support

Language, Literacy and Numeracy Support (LLN Support) program is designed to assist students, who have gaps in their prior learning, with foundation skills to complete their coursework.

The program focuses on vocational reading, writing, numeracy (maths) and communication(speaking, presenting and listening) skills. The LLN Support program is flexible, and provides support in classrooms alongside vocational teachers as well as small group tutorials.

Students are contacted by a teacher from the LN Support department, based on their Core Skills Diagnostic Profile and maintain this contact throughout the year.


Student Accommodation

Do you have a spare room or space to rent?

We often have students who are looking for rental accommodation while they are studying at Box Hill Institute.

We provide a free Accommodation Register Service where we list landlords that have accommodation available. Contact details are passed onto students who will follow up with landlords to discuss further details.

Contact Student Life on 1300 269 445 Submit the accommodation registration form