Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplane)

Once I have my license the options are endless.

Our Skill Seekers' Journeys_Box Hill InstituteBianca has been self-funding her pilot training since she was 16. Due to the cost of training, she was looking for a course that allowed her to work full-time and to study with a government funded student loan.

Bianca had been doing her pilot’s training at Soar Advanced Flight Training for 18 months when she learned that the training provider was in partnership with Box Hill Institute and offering a VET Fee Help Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplane). “Naturally I jumped at the opportunity to enrol in a course that I knew would be stable due to the alliance. And since I was already familiar with Soar, and knew the Box Hill Institute had a good name, it wasn’t a hard decision to make,” she said.

During her time studying the Diploma of Aviation, Bianca has gained a strong and organised study structure that has improved her ability to learn and her overall way of thinking. She has learned what she says are the requirements of a “good pilot mind”.

“I haven’t travelled far as yet. I have some cross country navigation lined up that I’m looking forward to and which will cover a fair part of Victoria,” she said.

“Procedures alone can’t always get you out of trouble. I’ve learned to take a happy medium approach which requires a pilot to balance procedure with situational awareness and good judgement,” she said.

After qualifying with her Commercial Pilot License, Bianca aims to further her training by obtaining a multi-engine command instrument rating (MECIR) through Box Hill Institute’s Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating), which will allow her to become more operationally ready for employment.

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