Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services

I have a passion for learning and animals are just amazing to learn about.

Our Skill Seekers' Journey_Box Hill InstituteJen Kolevich is a bit sad that her Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services is ending but she is looking forward to going on to more studies as she has a passion for learning and for animals. She said, “There is a lot to learn about the animal kingdom, with so many different species. I have learnt that animal behaviour is not too different to human behaviour and that we should have more respect for them.”

Initially, Jen was a bit daunted about embarking on her course as she hadn’t studied for a few years and did not consider herself computer savvy. She said, “At first, the StudentWeb was hard for me to navigate and I had to learn how to set out my assessments in PowerPoint and Word. But the actual content of the course was no problem. I found it so interesting as one of my passions is animals. I actually expected it to be a bit more technical and go into more depth about the physiology of the animals.”

For others feeling similarly daunted, Jen said, “My advice is to keep up with your work, read and research as much as you can, get to know StudentWeb from the start, ask lots of questions, be willing to help out and help other students. Be friendly and easy-going. It has been a wonderful course and I have thoroughly enjoyed this year.

“At times it has been pretty busy but I have enjoyed researching and reading. At other times, the practical experiences have been so enjoyable; handling animals and having experiences with many different species, many I did not know much about at all,” she said. 

While completing her course, Jen was lucky enough to have work experience at Healesville Sanctuary. She said, “I didn’t know much at all about Australia’s native wildlife. In particular, Victoria’s native wildlife and the endangered and threatened species programs that are in place to ensure their numbers will grow in the future.”

At this stage, Jen is not sure what the future holds as she continues to delve into the different aspects of the animal world. Of her time at Box Hill she said, “It is a relaxed environment. Everyone was pleased to help you if you needed it, there was great coffee in the cafeteria and just a pretty chilled out place for me.”

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