Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplane)

Our Skill Seekers' Journeys_Box Hill InstituteIt’s a different world up there than being down on the ground.

For Sam Sohki, it was fate that led him to the Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplane) offered by Box Hill Institute and Soar Advanced Flight Training. Two days before it was due to start, Sam’s Dad discovered the course and its inclusion as a VET Fee Help course.

Sam is 21 and said, “I love being able to fly. I love it. And I’m really excited to get my Commercial Pilot’s Licence and go out there and experience the world.”

Sam’s inspiration for flying is his mentor and cousin who is a pilot for Etihad Airways. Of his experience learning to fly, Sam said, “It’s a feeling that you can’t really express in words. The first time is like wow, I’m really up here. It’s a different world up there than being down on the ground.

“The moment you take off, you feel the power, the adrenalin rush. You never get enough of it, day in, day out. No matter what the weather is, it’s just exciting to get up there,” he said.

Initially, Sam wanted to join the air force but a heart condition prevented him. However, he still has opportunities to find work as a commercial pilot and eventually wants to fly for a cargo airline.

The Box Hill Institute and Soar Advanced Flight Training part-time course allows Sam to keep his work life separate from study life. He said, “It’s great and the technology is good. We never have any problems with it. The way it’s all scheduled means there’s no problem learning material, although some afterhours study is required.”

Sam said the real benefit of the course is the insight and experience of the instructors. He said that because instructors come from different backgrounds, they can easily relate to students. The instructors can warn students about mistakes they made when they were studying. “It makes it a lot easier because you know it’s coming from someone experienced in the industry; with a lot of hours under his belt.

“The environment is really relaxed and chilled out. Teachers know their stuff and you can ask them anything. They have the experience to relate to what we’re learning and so it makes it a lot easier,” he said.

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