Bachelor of Fashion Degree

Work really hard and never lose sight of where you want to be!

Sarah Sabatinelli was always interested in fashion and after completing a Bachelor of Fashion degree at Box Hill Institute, she is now working as production design assistant at Melbourne-based fashion label, White Suede.

Sarah said, “From when I took my first textiles class in year 7 I knew I wanted to work in fashion. However, prior to finishing my degree I was still indecisive about whether I wanted to take a product development path or be more of a designer. My current role as production design assistant allows me to experience both aspects.

“I am still learning what I like and dislike about the industry. I want to continue to grow my knowledge and really obtain an in depth understanding of the industry before I decide to focus my career path. Developing a lot of experience and potentially even travelling and working abroad is where I see my career heading currently,” she said.

Sarah chose to study at Box Hill because she felt at home there and that motivated her to achieve. She said, “Almost everything you learn at Box Hill is relevant in some way to the industry, however actually working within it seems completely different. You experience new things such as communicating with factories all over the world, something I could never have even comprehended at this time a year ago.

“The best thing about Box Hill was the support you feel. During my time, I made some really close friends and developed a strong support base with the faculty. The teachers are really invested in you and your work and have incredible knowledge of everything fashion related, which really allows you to see your designs come to life. Debbie, the fashion degree coordinator, is also an incredible support and resource. I owe a lot of where I am today to her,” she said.

Like many alumni, Sarah believes in the benefits of hard work. She said, “There were definitely times where I felt unmotivated and disheartened but if you put in the work you’ll get to where you need to go, just have faith in what you’re doing.

“Completing work experience as a part of my degree was perhaps the most beneficial part of my course. It is one thing to learn all the knowledge needed within the industry, but to put it into practice is completely different. I learnt so many new things whilst completing my internship and it allowed me to make some crucial industry contacts whilst also giving me a good insight to the industry, which even lead to a job, but it didn’t come without a significant amount of hard work.”

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