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Vocational Education & Training Delivered to Secondary Students (VDSS)

Get the best of both worlds. Combine your VCE or VCE VM with accredited vocational training at TAFE. Box Hill Institute’s VET Delivered to Secondary Students (VDSS) program is a chance to earn a nationally recognised vocational qualification (VET certificate), while also receiving credit towards your Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or VCE Vocational Major (VCE VM). VDSS is designed to light the way to your future. You’ll get job-ready skills and technical qualifications – all while you’re still in secondary school. It’s a different way to learn and grow, that complements your traditional schooling.



Why choose to do VDSS? 

Choosing VDSS at Box Hill Institute is a smart decision for many reasons.  

Explore your passion 

VDSS can help you take your interests and turn them into a career. Whether you know exactly what you want to become, or just want to try a potential career path, VDSS is a great way to see if a career is the right match for you. 

Hands-on learning in an adult learning environment  

Do you prefer learning by doing? Spend one day a week away from your usual classroom setting and dive into practical, industry-specific training at TAFE. You’ll get a real preview of what a job or study after secondary school could be like. 

Recognised qualifications  

Earn nationally recognised qualifications and units of competency that give you a competitive edge in the job market. You’ll gain specialised and technical skills, a qualification you can add to your resume and be ready to enter the workforce.  

Pathways to further education 

VDSS opens doors to further study. Whether you want to continue studying at TAFE, start an apprenticeship or transition to university, your VET qualifications can help you get there.