Recognition of Prior Learning

Find yourself ahead of the curve with your work experience.

The Recognition of Prior Learning focuses on the outcomes rather than how, when or where the learning occurred.


Is RPL for me?

Anyone can apply but a successful applicant will have a reasonable amount of experience in the area their course covers. Life skills, if relevant to the course, can also earn credits.

If you are continuing from secondary school or have limited work or life experience, you should consider your claim for RPL carefully before applying. If you are a mature age student with relevant experience, your skills are likely to have some value for credit through RPL.

If you have qualifications or skills from another institute or training provider, you may gain credits.

What steps do I need to take?

The RPL process involves building a portfolio of evidence, and undertaking a final assessment with an RPL assessor.

  1. Contact the Institute for information on what to include in your portfolio and how to structure it.
  2. Submit your portfolio of evidence and book a time for an assessment.
  3. Undertake a practical demonstration of your skills with an RPL Assessor.
  4. Complete a final interview with an RPL Assessor.

Note: This process can take up to 1-2 months depending on how long it takes for you to gather all of the relevant evidence. For this reason it is recommended that you continue to attend your classes as scheduled until you are advised by an assessor that you have a successful RPL result

What sort of evidence do I need to support my RPL claim?

If you are considering applying for RPL, you will already have a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate that you have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills.

These may include:

  • your resume
  • certified copies of certificates of completed courses and qualifications
  • awards
  • references from employers outlining your responsibilities (originals, not copies)
  • letters from clients
  • evaluations from supervisors
  • job descriptions

What outcomes can I expect from the RPL process?

  1. Recognition for some of the units in a course
  2. A learning plan that identifies GAP training and with recommendations for future study.

What if I’m not happy with the RPL process or the outcomes I’ve received?

If you aren’t happy with the way in which your RPL submission has been processed, or the outcomes or results that you received, you are able to appeal.

There are three stages to the appeals process:

  • Informal – raise issue and attempt to resolve informally with assessor as soon as possible
  • Formal – if not satisfied, then raise the issue with the customer relations officer, centre manager or course coordinator
  • Internal appeal – you must appeal in writing to the Chief Executive Officer for your case to be considered by the Grievance appeal committee. Letters should be marked Grievance Appeals Committee, Box Hill Institute, Private Bag 2014, Box Hill 3128.

The appeal process will be administered by staff not involved in the original process.

How much will it cost?

The services provided by the Skills Assessment Centre including the development of an evidence portfolio and individual learning plan are FREE. Should you wish to proceed with training or an RPL application standard fees apply.

You may be eligible for government subsidised RPL Assessment. To find out if you are eligible, either phone us, or visit the Government Subsidised Place Eligibility page of our website.

If you are eligible for government subsidised RPL, you will be subject to the Tuition Fees only. Service and amenity and materials fees do not apply. Concession tuition fee rates are available to health care card holders at certain course levels. To find out current tuition fee rates and concession information, please visit the Government Subsidised Fees page of our website.

If you are not eligible for government subsidised RPL, you will pay the Fee-for-service (full fee) RPL rates. For further information, please visit the Fee for service page of our website.

The fee structure for training and assessment may seem complicated, but an individual fee quote can be provided based on your individual learning plan.

Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer enables you to receive credits for the same or fully equivalent units you have successfully completed at another provider or with Box Hill Institute, into your currently enrolled course as part of mutual recognition under the Australian Qualifications Framework. 

Tuition fees do not apply for units for which a Credit Transfer is granted. 

Where a course is superseded by a new course version (replacement course), a student is granted credits for fully equivalent units they have successfully completed under the original course, as evidenced by a statement of attainment issued in accordance with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), or a Transcript of Results or other AQF certifying document issued in accordance with the AQF, or an authenticated VET Transcript prepared by the Registrar of the USI Registry (under the Student Identifiers Act 2014). Students must complete and submit of an Application for RPL/RCC/TR Form (VET courses) or Degree Advanced Standing Application Form together with a certified copy of their documentary evidence. 

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