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About the course

About the course

If you want to advance your career in the community services field, our community services course will equip you with the knowledge and real-world experience to succeed.  

In our community services course, you will:

  • develop a broad understanding of the principles and theories that relate to service delivery in the community services sector
  • analyse traditional models of welfare and examine a range of contemporary theoretical perspectives
  • gain a wide range of skills and knowledge that empower your client and that are rewarding for you and beneficial to your organisation

During our course, we encourage you to form a community of learners with your fellow students to share experiences, develop critical reflective skills and enrich your learning experience. You will also benefit from taking part in practical placement and applied learning subjects, orienting you to real world experience working in and around the community services sector.  

With our community services course, you will:

  • study cultural safety with a strong indigenous focus
  • develop an extensive knowledge related to community services
  • learn to understand applicable legislation and regulation
  • practise and develop decision-making and communication strategies

Your learning experience will be closely supported by our highly qualified and experienced teaching staff. The design of our degree will provide you with a qualification of high academic integrity that is directly applicable to community services work within your selected discipline area.

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