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About the course

About the course

If you like working with wood and the practical approach to work then our cabinet making apprenticeship is the course for you. In our course, you will work with solid timber and manufactured board as you learn a broad range of furniture and cabinet making skills from current industry professionals.

Our cabinet making apprenticeship has an emphasis on freestanding furniture. Learn as you create high-quality furniture that you can take with you. You will begin with the basics of drawing up plans and designs as well as calculating what a project will cost then move on to more advanced skills. Our cabinet making course will teach you essential trade skills including:

  • occupational health and safety requirements
  • workplace communication skills
  • the various construction methods, materials and techniques
  • the different styles of furniture that can be created
  • to be a valuable member of a team
  • to read documents
  • to use CNC (computer numerical control) and other woodworking machines including drilling, sawing and edging machines

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