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About the course

About the course

This process plant course is a technical qualification for para-professionals who undertake technical projects such as plant modifications either individually or as part of a project team where they have a significant technical role. The course has been developed specifically for people experienced in the industry to gain a qualification based on work experience or prior studies. It is not offered as classroom based delivery.

This course is intended for technologists or para-professionals who may have worked their way up through the chemical, hydrocarbons or refining certificate qualifications or who have entered the industry at this level, either from another industry or trade occupation.

The technologist will analyse performance and failure in equipment and products and will assist in the development of new and modified products.

This qualification is typically used to develop employees performing a highly technical role that includes an ability to lead others and conduct technical problem solving according to the needs of the work in the chemical, hydrocarbons or refining industries.

As part of the course, you will be assessed on your current competencies in areas of petrochemicals, hydrocarbons, chemical, metal/ore processing, oil, gas, smelting, refining, maintenance and manufacturing using Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).  RPL can allow you to fast track through the course if you consider that your previous work experience or other studies cover the subject matters of units within the PMA Process Plant Operations Training Package.

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