Undergraduate Degrees

Achieve an undergraduate degree using the same combination of theory and practical training we use in vocational education. You’ll acquire advanced theoretical and applied knowledge of your chosen study area, while developing skills in analysis, critical evaluation, and problem solving.

Higher Education Graduate Attributes

Higher Education Graduate Attributes

Application and Inquiry: Graduates of the Institute will be able to apply knowledge and skills through the process of inquiry to a range of contextual challenges.

Information Literacy: Graduates of the Institute will be able to evaluate and use information effectively in a range of contexts.

Personal and Intellectual Autonomy: Graduates of the Institute will be able to work independently in a way that is informed by openness, creativity, curiosity and a desire to meet new challenges.

Ethical Social and Professional Understanding: Graduates of the Institute will have cultural and social awareness consistent with their role as responsible members of local, national and international professional communities.

Communication: Graduates of the Institute will recognise and value communication as a tool for negotiating and creating new understanding, interacting with others and furthering their own learning.